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Cheapest Tiles in Sydney

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Looking for tiles at the best prices in Sydney? You’ve come to the right place! You’ll find a wide range of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, even natural stone tiles at Sydney’s best prices. Tiles are directly imported from the world’s leading manufacturers including from Italy, Spain and Asia making it possible for you to buy the first class products at the wholesale prices. You’ll also find tips on buying and installing tiles with decades of experience in the field reflected. You don’t have time to visitmour showroom? Don’t miss out on great sales, buy online now!

TFO Showroom

Why Buy Tiles from TFO
Sydney has one of the highest density of tile stores in the country with hundreds of shops selling tiles across the city. How can you make sure that you are getting tiles from the right place? Below are 3 things you should check when you are looking for the right tile shops in Sydney.

1. Word of Mouth
One of the most reliable source of information is word of mouth. Ask your family or friends who recently bought tiles and see if they are happy with the tiles Sydney dealer they went to. If you don’t have anyone around you who bought tiles recently, you can check online for reviews on the tile shop. There are many sites you can check such as google review. Unfortunately, just because a tile shop and their website look great, it doesn’t always mean they have your best interest. So beware and research.
Here at TFO, we have a great support from people who find us through word of mouth. Roughly 40% of new customers come from word of mouth every month testifying to the great products, best prices and reliable service of TFO.

2. Prices
This is obviously one of the biggest concerns for many people, you want to pay the right price. You’ll be absolutely amazed to see the price differences between tiles Sydney dealers. So, it pays to shop around. Higher prices don’t necessarily mean better products. Don’t be swayed by sales staff convincing that they have better products simply because they have higher price tags. The ridiculous high prices are often results of low turnover of the shop or complicated network of middle man taking cuts before the product reach the showroom.
Here at TFO, low prices are one of our strong selling points. Most of tiles including, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, timber look tiles, Italian glazed porcelain tiles, concrete look tiles and various natural stone tiles are directly imported from some of the most reputable manufacturers from Europe and they are sold directly to you without going through middle men. We also have one of the biggest turn over in Sydney with around 60,000m2 of tiles sold every month enabling us to keep the prices very very low.

3. Caring and Knowledgeable Sales Staff
Good tile shop should have your best interest at heart, they would have sales staff who truly care about your satisfaction in the project and have experience in the industry. You should be able to sense their confidence and they should help you to make an informed decision not a pressured one. Beware, many tile shops employ cheap sales staff who know little to nothing about tiles or staff who make you feel pressured into buying tiles. It’s wise to simply leave these places.
Here at TFO, we are proud of our history in tiles. We have some of the most experienced people in the industry. A qualified interior designer and a colour consultant can help you make an informed decision. We have over 100 years of combined experience in tiles. Above all, we care about your shopping experience at TFO.
Your tile shopping experience doesn’t need to be a complicated one if you find the right store. We strongly recommend that you come and visit TFO and see the difference. It’ll change your perspectives on what your tile shopping experience should be. Check out our exciting new range of timber look tiles and concrete look tiles.