A quality grout which is properly applied and maintained makes a huge difference for your tiles. Grout either can enhance the beauty of your tiles or limit their potential. So it’s important to not only carefully select your tiles but also your grout. Which grout will you choose and how can you get the most out of it?

Grout Colour

Not long ago, the only grout colour option was a grey cement colour. No matter what colour tiles you were using, the only grout to use was a grey colour. However, now there are many more options in which to choose from. Tile adhesive manufacturers are now producing a variety of coloured grouts which allows you to find the appropriate colour to complement your tiles.

Parex Davco is one such manufacturer. Their Sanitized Colourgrout range is specifically designed with the use of natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles in mind. The range now includes 22 colours and it continues to be updated to meet the needs of consumers. Sanitized Colourgrout contains a biocide which provides the grout with a real resistance to a broad spectrum of moulds and bacteria.

As many colours are available, it may be a challenge to choose the right colour grout. We recommend first using grout samples to put against your tiles so as to decide on the colour. However, below are 3 principles which you may find helpful.

* Choose a similar colour to your tiles
When you use a grout with a similar colour to your tiles, the character of the tiles is enhanced because the grout lines are less visible. This enables the whole tiled area to look seamless and allows the tiles to be the highlight of the area.

* Choose a contrasting colour
If you want the grout joints to be pronounced, choose a contrasting colour. You can enhance the pattern or layout of the tiles with this method. Many choose this when using decorative tiles or mosaic tiles.

* Choose a neutral colour
If it’s difficult to find the right colour, a neutral coloured grout is the safest way to go. It’s generally best to avoid a brilliant white or black as they easily get dirty. Choose either beige, brown or grey based colours.

Keeping Grout Clean

Even if you choose the right colour grout, it would be to no avail if it gets spoilt by dirt, mould or grime. It’s true, Davco’s colour grout is sanitized which makes it resistant to a broad range of bacteria and mould, but further treatment is recommended particularly in areas which are often exposed to damaging elements.

* Use 4 in 1 grout additive
This product needs to be mixed with the grout when applying. It is manufactured by Davco to specifically enhance the performance of their coloured grout. It’s an acrylic based additive and increases the water resistance and flexibility.

* Use a grout sealer
It’s recommended to use a penetrating sealer as it’s effect is longer lasting compared to traditional sealers. A sealer reduces the porosity of the grout thereby making it more resistant to discolouring and stains.

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