If you are after stunning and luxurious tiles, most would agree, you’d want marble tiles. This is because, marble tiles are uniquely individual, natural, artistic masterpieces that allow you to turn your whole home into a work of art.

Marble is a wonderful stone which is created over thousands of years and is formed under enormous pressure. Marble is a result of the right minerals and natural substances at just the right time. Once marble is taken from the earth and formed into marble tiles, they are some of the most visually pleasing and sort after tiles in the world.

Perhaps you think that because marble tiles are so unique and luxurious, that they will be out of your grasp when it comes to the price. Well TFO can help. We import these unique and natural pieces of art directly from some of the best tile manufacturers around the world so that we can then sell stunning marble tiles at incredibly low prices. This allows you to buy top quality marble tiles at a fraction of the price of other retail tile shops. Don’t settle for second best when you can get luxurious tiles at such low prices.

So if you are searching for that perfect tile, come visit Tile Factory Outlet. We have a huge range of beautiful marble tiles and other tiling products. Visit our showroom in Smithfield or visit our online tile store now. You will be so glad you did.

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