Creating a work of art sounds like something that a professional does. However, when it comes to creating a mosaic tile pattern masterpiece in your home, it need not be.  With all the amazing products available, you are able to create simple yet stunning designs containing squares, arrows, chevrons or diamonds.  Or you can perhaps use individual tiles and have a more specific design like a snowflake or a nautilus.  In your design, you can be as intricate as you like.  As so many colours, shapes and sizes are available, you are limited only by your imagination.  But for those who have never before created a pattern with mosaic tiles, where should you start?

Mosaic Tile Pattern Ideas Start In Your Mind

What’s your plan with your mosaic tiles?  They could cover the entire floor, just be a border around the room or be used in place of a rug or carpet.  But before you start tiling, you need to come up with a design plan first.  If you want a dramatic effect, you may wish to create a pattern of your mosaic tiles in the center of the floor.  This looks great in both a large or a small room.  But if you are not sure what you want, you might do what others have done and sketch around the tiles to help decide how big you would like the pattern to be.

Mosaic Tile Pattern Colours?

Mosaic tile colour varities are virtually endless.  You should choose colours you like and that also suit the mood of the room you are going to tile.  If, for example, you will use the room for entertaining guests, you may like to use vibrant colours.  Or if you will use the room to relax, perhaps relax with a novel, you may wish to choose a more subdued colour.  Another thing to consider is the style you prefer.  Do you like a modern feel? Or perhaps a Victorian design? It’s good to first get together the colours you want and then trial various styles and patterns.  Within a short while, you will have created your very own masterpiece.

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