There are a variety of elements that make your home unique. By creating a unique feature wall, you can make a statement and make your home stand out from the rest. It can truly transform your home. Stone wall cladding is a popular and effective material used to decorate feature walls in Sydney.

We recommend reading the following so you can make sure that your stone wall cladding or stackstone is installed correctly.

Of utmost importance in a stone wall cladding Sydney installation is the safety factor as it often reaches a height above the roof and there is generally frequent foot traffic nearby. As stone wall cladding is rather thick, it can weigh upward of 50kg per square metre. If it’s not installed properly and falls off, it would be a disaster.

Rest assured, it’s possible to install stackstone securely if the right procedures are followed and the right materials are used. The first thing to take into consideration is the surface material. In order to fix heavy stackstones on a wall, the wall must have enough strength in it so as to support the weight of the stackstones. An unpainted solid brick wall or unpainted cement rendered wall is good to install stackstones on. If the wall is painted, the right bonding material needs to be used prior to the installation in order to allow maximum adhesion of the glue. It’s not recommended to install stackstone on a gyprock wall as it is not designed to withstand such heavy weight.

Being such a heavy material, it is essential that you choose the right type of adhesive to fix stackstones on a vertical wall. Here at TFO, we recommend a combination of two products made by Davco, SMP EVO adhesive and Davlastic additive. Davco is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesives in the world. The combination of these two products is designed to maximize the bonding and flexural strength.

If you are installing stackstone on a high wall like a feature wall, in order to break the pressure applied to the wall and the ground, it is suggested that metal angles are used. This helps give extra support to the wall since stackstones will add hundreds of kilograms of extra weight on the wall.

If you are interested in more information, come to TFO and talk to our experienced staff. We have over a 100 years of combined experience in the tile industry. We also have one of the biggest and cheapest ranges of stone wall cladding in Sydney. You are sure to find something you love. Visit our showroom or our online tile store now.

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