A favourite Aussie pastime is to have a BBQ in your backyard with family and friends. We love the outdoors and the open and free feeling it evokes. So, when designing your outdoor area, don’t settle for just the bare minimum. Design your outdoor entertaining area to create an experience to remember.

But let’s face it, often our outdoor entertaining area is neglected. Most outdoor areas are just concreted or paved with normal concrete or clay pavers. This is because for many years, there hasn’t been a good selection of non-slip outdoor tiles to choose from and if there were any, their price tag was unbelievably high.

Thankfully those days are over. Now you can get beautiful outdoor non-slip tiles at amazingly low prices. Some of the most popular outdoor tiles are manufactured in Italy. TFO imports non-slip tiles from some of the best known manufacturers in Italy including Gardenia Orchidea and Italgraniti.

As outdoor areas are exposed to dust and water which make the surface slippery, one of the major factors to consider when choosing outdoor tiles is the non-slip factor. How can you ascertain the anti-slip factor of a tile? The DIN classification is an international standard which oversees the anti-slip rating by giving an ‘R’ value. The higher the rating, the more anti-slip the tile is.

For residential outdoor areas, we recommend the minimum rating of R11. So when deciding what non-slip tiles you will use for your outdoor entertaining area, make sure it has an ‘R11’ rating or higher. You might even prefer non-slip tiles with an ‘R12’ or ‘R13’ rating, depending on the environment of the area being tiled.

Something to bear in mind is the maintenance in keeping these tiles clean. The rougher the tile surface, the harder it will be to keep clean. So before making your purchase, feel the texture of the tile so as to consider the safety factor and also the ease of maintenance.

At TFO, we have a huge range of non-slip outdoor tiles available which we are sure you will love. Some of our most popular exterior tiles are timber look porcelain tiles, concrete look porcelain tiles and natural stone look Italian glazed porcelain tiles. Many of them are available in two textures, one for inside your home and the other for outside your home. By using the same tile inside and out, you will create a seamless and uniform look.

Why wait any longer? Transform your outdoor entertaining area with non-slip outdoor tiles. Visit our showroom in Sydney to see our amazing range of tiles or view our online tile store now. You’ll be so glad you did.

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