Now more than ever, environmental sustainability is vitally important. No matter what industry, in order to minimise the impact on the environment, there are strict regulations. Now too, people are becoming more aware of the impact humans have had on the environment over the past decades of development. By being responsible in the choices we make, all of us can play a part in keeping our environmental foot print to a minimum. However, how does this relate to tiles?

Through your choice of tiles, you can show you support protecting the environment. You can do this by choosing to buy environmentally friendly products, tiles that have LEED certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. In order for a product to receive LEED certification, the production process must satisfy certain prerequisites and also earn points so as to achieve various levels of certification. This includes how raw materials are selected, how much energy and water is used and the final disposal of the product.

 LEED certification – What’s involved?

1. To reduce the environmental footprint when extracting raw materials

2. Energy saving techniques and using clean energy
3. In the production process, using recycled water
4. Keeping the release of polluting and harmful elements to a minimum
5. Informing consumers of the product’s compliance with relevant standards
6. Being proactive in providing suggestions on the product’s use and maintenance
7. Having a waste management system that enables differentiated collection of waste created in the production process

At TFO, we have a good range of tiles that are LEED certified, including brands like Refin and Italgraniti from Italy. Porcelain tiles produced by these manufacturers display the beautiful character of stones and timber boards whilst also using sustainable methods to produce them. By opting for timber look porcelain tiles instead of real timber flooring, you can just imagine how many trees are saved. Porcelain tiles are some of the most durable tiles you can use. Another advantage is that they do not require constant care and treatment like real timber and stones do.

So, choose porcelain tiles that are LEED certified if you want to be responsible for the environment.

See below some of the most popular LEED certified products from Italy.

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