If you have an idea to tile a specific area in your home, polished porcelain tiles has to be a strong consideration choice. One can choose from various size, style, design and quality, apart from the fact they are simple to clean. Whilst they are slippery when they get wet, nano pre-sealed technology has been introduced.

The question now could be – what is nano pre-sealed on polished porcelain?
Probably the most preferred choices is the polished porcelain tile which is water resistant, moisture resistant and does not easily get tarnished.

The tile is sturdy and lasts for a long time, aside the fact that it’s not that costly. But its easy use in bathrooms is limited because of its smooth texture, polished surface and exceptional glossiness which make it extremely slippery if it gets drenched.

This problem was solved with the nano pre-sealed technology which is an excellent innovation in the technology of manufacturing tiles because it creates a great deal of difference in the tile’s functionality and appearance. The tile produced with nano pre-sealed technology is applied with the light but strong organic particles of nano (like that of a wax) in the polished porcelain tile surface.

Plating is the procedure employed to make sure that the organic particles are distributed evenly on the surface of the tile. The plating is applied by making use of sanding and polishing at high pressure. Plating may be performed many times till the nano has blended with the tile surface to create a film that is shiny but still dense and sturdy.

Porcelain tiles which have undergone nano pre-sealed technology aren’t slippery since the exterior of the nano tile came from a material that’s non-hydrophilic. So nano preseal in porcelain tiles make the porcelain tiles the ideal choice for areas that happen to be wet. These tiles can be glossy with a rating ranging from 50% to 70%.

Those tiles which aren’t nano preseal has a rating of about 90% which results in a shiny effect and is like a mirror due to the reflective surface. Nano pre-sealed technology has also amplified the longevity of the tiles. These tiles also have the property of auto-cleaning and anti-bacteria.

You don’t have to buy many cleaning products to preserve the look of your tiles also, you help protect the earth. Yes, you’ve read it right. Nano preseal on porcelain tiles are green. These tiles can be smooth and don’t have pores so moulds and fungi could not grow in them. Moreover the materials utilized in the tile production are non-toxic, fragrance-free, neutral and clear.

Nano preseal on porcelain tiles also offer you and your family the safety while inside the bathroom since it is not too slippery when it is wet. While using nano pre-sealed technology, porcelain tiles have gained a new market strategy and also have led to the innovation of the tiles. Therefore, it is safe to conclude these tiles are of good choice for your bathroom.

Monolisa are one of the leading Chinese Manufacturers who apply the nano technology
Thanks to innovation and you now know what is nano preseal on polished porcelain.

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