In your tiling project, it’s essential that you know how to cut tiles. For the best results, it’s best to use a professional tiler. However if you follow the right steps and use the right tools, small projects can be a DIY job.

Getting the Right Tools
You will need some different tools, depending on what you want to achieve. A tile cutter is a very effective tool for simple straight cuts on ceramic or porcelain tiles. But a diamond blade angle grinder is needed for cuts other than a simple straight cut. If it’s a small cut that a grinder wouldn’t be able to reach, then you will need some tile nippers. However, a wet saw is the best option for natural stone tiles.

Tile Cutters – What’s the Best?
There are many options and prices vary greatly, ranging from under one hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. If you want to get long term use from a tile cutter, don’t just get the cheapest cutter on offer as the quality differs greatly. Here at TFO, we recommend Sigma manufactured tile cutters. It’s the most recognized brand for manufacturing reliable tile cutters and most tilers use them.

TFO sells a range of Sigma tile cutters in varying dimensions, all at competitive prices. But if you have a one off tiling project and are not wanting a new tile cutter, you are able to hire at a reasonable rate a professional grade tile cutter.

How to Cut Tiles Using a Tile Cutter
The approach you take will depend on the circumstances, but below are the principles involved when you are cutting your tiles.

1. Marking the tile
Using a pencil, mark a straight line on the tile where you want to cut. Make sure you consider the grout joint width when you mark it.

2. Placing the tile in the tile cutter
When you place the tile in the cutter, be sure to place it so that the line is directly in the centre of the cutting blade. Both ends of the line must be aligned correctly.

3. Scoring the line
While pressing down the handle, score a line from the top of the tile to the bottom. Be sure to do it once only as a double score line leads to an irregular line.

4. Tapping the tile with the breaker feet
See the breaker feet break apart the tile on the score line by tapping the handle down once.

Cutting Tiles – Extra Tips
For those using a diamond blade angle grinder, in order to create a breaking point and help you cut a straight line, score lines first with a tile cutter.

Be sure to wear protective gear like a mask, ear protection and goggles, when using an angle grinder or wet saw.

If you need any further assistance for your tiling project, be sure to visit Tile Factory Outlet. We have staff with over 100 years of combined experience in the tile industry. Come visit our showroom in Sydney today.

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