We are blessed in Australia to have such wonderful weather. Along with some of the best weather possible, we are occasionally exposed to some of the worst. Sometimes we are faced with out of the ordinary, wild weather and the result is catastrophic. It therefore comes as no surprise that many home owners are now choosing tiles for their homes as they are more sustainable when it comes to bad weather. People love the look of timber and timber look tiles now make any clean-up process much easier.

Tiles, including timber look tiles, are so durable and versatile that it’s no wonder people choose it over carpet, timber or vinyl flooring. They can be used all throughout your home, including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Also commercially, many are choosing timber look tiles as they are durable yet fashionable and have been proven to stand the test of time.

Choose timber look tiles as, unlike natural timber flooring, they are not affected by water or sun and are resistant to stains. Technology has advanced to create a timber look tile that can be used in almost any outdoor setting, even around a pool or where exposed to other harsh elements.

You can now create a ‘flow through’ affect and continue your loved indoor timber look tile flooring right through to your outdoor area. So don’t wait any longer. Rip up your old flooring and get that slab ready for timber look tiles that will stop your friends in their tracks. Choose timber look tiles, they are sure to impress!

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