At Tile Factory Outlet you will find top quality wall tiles at unbelievably low prices. All of us want the best in the market. Perhaps in your hunt for wall tiles, you have found what you want but the only thing holding you back is the price. In many retail stores, the affordable wall tiles are the boring plain tiles that bring no class or style to your bathroom. So how can you find quality wall tiles that are appealing without overspending?

At TFO, we have much tile industry experience and we understand how it works. There are hundreds of tile shops in and around Sydney and some of them have a good range of wall tiles. However, the problem is that most tile shops buy through a maze of middle men resulting in extremely inflated prices by the time it arrives in your, the customers’, hands. It may seem hopeless as many retailers simply don’t have the money or space to purchase and stock large amounts of tiles.

Best quality wall tiles at the best prices
Many customers who come to TFO are surprised at what they see. The difference in price can be anywhere from around 50% to even 70% less than that of the normal retail price of wall tiles. This is possible because at TFO we purchase directly from manufacturers around the world and then sell direct to the public with the lowest possible profit margins. What’s amazing is that we have such a high turnover of tiles that we often exceed the volume of wholesalers.

So, if you are looking for top quality wall tiles at great prices, you must check our range of wall tiles. For those who like the simplicity of plain white wall tiles, we do sell them at ridiculously cheap prices but we have so much more than that. Our range of wall tiles includes but is not limited to nano pre-selaed polished porcelain wall tiles, timber look porcelain wall tiles and Italian glazed porcelain wall tiles. All these wall tiles, and so many more, can be found at prices you’d only think are possible for low quality wall tiles. But all our tiles are top quality, just at amazingly low prices. Come and visit our TFO online tile store to view our range of wall tiles or come into our showroom today.